Inside Out of The City Palace, Udaipur - II

Gokul Niwas GalleryThe Curtain Raiser – The Mewar Regalia Textile and Costume Exhibition.
Gokul Niwas Gallery Showcase the rich and diverse collection of textile from Mewar. The gallery displays the living heritage of 200 years, carried generation to generation in the dress code and lifestyle of Maharanas.

Jas Prakash Gallery – Architecture and Conservation Exhibition.
Description of the Royal City Palace is incomplete without its architectural mention. This gallery showcases the architectural style, trend and influences of the contemporary development of this majestic structure.

Raj Niwas Gallery- The Regal mode of Transport – Tam Jaam and Palanquin Exhibition.
Before the automobiles and vehicular chaos, the royal family of Mewar uses the Thakats and Palkies or Palanquins traverse. Raj Niwas Gallery displayed the palanquins since the 17th century Mewar made for different ceremonial or bridal occasions.
The gallery displays sculptures of eternal gods and goddesses, celestial beauties and animal figures, acquired since the 6th century. They are the finest collection of sculptures collected from the damaged temples and other deteriorated sites of Mewar.
The Gallery comprises of 39 donated instruments belonging to the Family of Mewar, it is displayed to engross the visitors, especially the music enthusiasts. The gallery has 200 year old Tanpura with painted base or Sitars made of pumpkins from Orissa.

The gallery house the glass artifacts that boast of a rich bygone era. It is created by F.& C. Osler, the foremost manufacturers of monumental cut glass luxury objects in and after the Victorian era, this gallery is a fairytale in itself. The  item of Crystal includes the dining table, table, sofa set, washing bowl, goblet, tray, decanter, to perfume bottles, candle stands, crockery and even beds. The main highlight of the gallery is the jewel studded carpet. 

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